Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Dalman Jump Co. below. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Where does Dalman Jump Co. ship?

Dalman Jump Co. ships everywhere nationally and internationally. Our in house logistics team loves a good challenge so everyone can have our jumps!

How much does Dalman Jump Co. shipping cost?

Depends! We ship all orders from our location in Wellington, FL. Shipping rates are 10 cents per foot per mile ((0.1 x deck space) x miles = shipping cost). For example, if your products take up 12 feet of shipping deck in a truck and you live 500 miles away, shipping will be $600.  For very long distances, like locations in California, Mexico and Canada, the price per mile often goes down.


Orders and Payment 

How much does a Dalman Jump Co. jump cost?

Our products have a wide range of prices. See our full product catalog of horse jumps for sale browse products and their prices; or use the search bar on our website to find a specific product and its price.

Do Dalman Jump Co. products have a warranty?

All Dalman Jump Co. products have a two year warranty. If something breaks, the team at DJC will take care of it.


How do I order products from Dalman Jump Co.?

The best way to order products from DJC is by calling or emailing us. This way you can discuss your jump needs with a jump expert and build a customized order.

You can also order most of our products on the DJC website. Please note that when ordering online, shipping is not included. You may contact us for a shipping quote before purchase, or DJC will send you a separate shipping quote once the order is placed. 

If you are in Wellington, our shop is always open to the public. Feel free to come by and browse our in-stock jumps before buying!


How long will it take me to get my Dalman Jump Co. order?

In-stock items can be ready in as soon as a week. Custom orders take two to six weeks depending on the design and the size of the order.  Shipping can be a major factor on how fast you can get your jumps depending on where you want them to go. 


What payment methods does Dalman Jump Co accept?

Dalman Jump Co. takes several  forms of payment– Credit card, cash, check, online payments, Zelle, Venmo and wire.

Does Dalman Jump Co. offer short-term financing or interest plans when purchasing a product?

Dalman Jump Co. does not offer traditional financing. We want to work with you– we do offer leases on jumps, or layaway plans and we trade in your old jumps for credit. Let us know what you are working with and we will do our best to take care of you!

Custom Jump Orders

What if I don’t see the jump I want on the Dalman Jump Co. website or social media?

Don’t worry! As we say, “you dream it, we build it.” If you have an idea for a custom jump, we are more than happy to help you design and produce it. 

How do I get a logo jump made?

Send us your logo and we will do the rest! Dalman Jump Co. can make logo fillers, standards, and full spec custom jumps.

Don’t have a logo? We can help you!

If I order a jump package from Dalman Jump Co., can I customize it?

Of course! All Dalman Jump Co. jump packages listed on the website are just suggestions on how to build a nice, balanced course. You can always fully customize a package to fit your needs.

Jump Material and Storage 

What are Dalman Jump Co. jumps made out of?

Dalman Jump Co. products are marine grade. Our materials are thoughtfully sourced so we can provide you products that withstand the weather and other harsh elements in the ring.

Are Dalman Jump Co. jumps easy to use and move around?

The weight of all Dalman Jump Co. products vary, but we make everything as easy to use as possible. Dalman Jump Co. aluminum stick schooling standards are as little as eight pounds a standard, aluminum picket standards weigh no more than 20 pounds and hunter walls are around 15 pounds. Everything is easy to transport. 

How do I store my horse jumps?

Dalman Jump Co. provides several products for jump storage. We recommended a DJC jump wagon to store your jumps. This way you can easily store and transport all your jumps in one convenient place. We also sell stand alone pole racks or racks that fasten to your wall. 

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