About Us

Dalman Jump Co. was started in 2012 when Javan Dalman realized the need for horse show jump repair and custom jump designing. Javan was already working in the industry, running a show jumping stable with his wife, Sandra, at Dalman Show Jumping. 

Sandra and Javan Dalman of Dalman Jump Co. and Dalman Show Jumping

Since an early age, Javan was involved with his family's home building and remodeling business. Throughout his childhood and young adult years, he learned woodworking, building, and design which gave him the necessary skills to make horse show fences. Combining this with his talented eye for designing or repairing custom pieces allows Javan to offer a complete service of anything that has to do with horse jumps! Javan's gregarious personality, willingness to please, and dedication to having the best products on the market, have set him apart from his competition. 

Javan Dalman of Dalman Jump Co.

Once word caught on that Javan could repair anything- from roll tops, show jumps, tack trunks, or even people's tack rooms and retail spaces- his business exploded. Dalman Jump Company grows exponentially every year and offers more and more products and services to our customers.


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