The Best Horse Show Jumps of 2024, so Far

The spring and summer horse show circuits are in full swing and that always means a new course from Dalman Jump Co. Check out DJC’s best horse show jumps of 2024– and the inspiration behind them– many of which debuted at the $225k Kentucky invitational Grand Prix CSI4*:

Building Blocks Jumper Wall

lego jumper wall

A fast fan favorite, the building blocks wall takes inspiration from the childhood joy of creating endless configurations with Legos. DJC’s grown up version of this is a horse jump! The different primary-colored boxes on the wall catch the attention of both horse and rider, making for a careful ride. 

Hexagon Jump

Hexagon horse jump standards

Every FEI jumping course requires a certain amount of solid white standards, so this hexagon jump fulfills that requirement! The unique ‘honeycomb’ pattern creates interesting shadows and makes for a fun jump in any ring, even if it is just solid white!

Charm Jump 

green van cleef inspired horse jump at the Kentucky Horse Park

At DJC, we believe that a new horse jump is sometimes better than jewelry. So why not have both? This stunning green charm jump is to-die-for on so many levels. Look at the poles too– not a detail is left out on this jump!

Umbrella Jump

Colorful umbrella horse jump standards and filler

As much as we hope it doesn't rain at the horse show, we love a good excuse to take out this colorful umbrella jump. The standards have matching filler (pictured) and a gate to go along with the colorful take on rain gear. 

Radar Jump

blue nad grey horse jump for sale in kentucky

This horse jump is not one to fly under the radar in the arena. The two-colored circular design takes on a modern, yet classic look that is more than fitting in the show ring.

Flamingo Jump

Flamingo horse jump standards

Flamingos have long been a popular horse jump standard made by DJC. The bright pink design is fun and brings sunshine to the arena, even on an overcast day.

Under the Sea Jump

Horse jup inspired by pink sea ocean corral

Inspired by coral and the beautiful colors found in the ocean, this horse jump brings the textures of the sea to the show ring. The pale light pink– which is ombre on the fillers and plank– can sometimes be hard for horses to see, especially when the color is solid on the poles (opposed to stripes), giving this jump a certain difficulty. 

Coniglio Jump  

two toned orange horse jump standards

A take on a classic DJC design, these Conigilo jump standards are made unique by the two-toned orange painting. The inside of the standards feature a lighter orange which is contrasted by the darker orange on the outside. So cool and makes you give it a second glance! The colors take inspiration from Conigilo Palm Beach, a boutique design studio that uses color and design influenced by Palm Beach in Florida.  

Another unique feature of this jump is that each standard has three sets of keyhole tracks, allowing the jump to be set in numerous ways. Course designers like to set a false ground line on these jumps in high levels of the sport.

Natural Wooden Lantern Jump

natural wooden lantern horse jump standards

Every ring needs an elegant jump that celebrates the classic elements of the sport. Natural jumps are typically seen in the hunter and equitation rings, but in 2024 it has been a trend to use different shades of natural wood in top-level show jumping. This Natural Lantern Jump can be used in any ring and brings classic sport to the modern world of show jumping; careful, delicate fences!

All of these horse show jumps will be for sale and available for pickup during all Split Rock Jumping Tour events, including Split Rock Hunter Jumper one and two at the Kentucky Horse Park from June 4th through 16th. Not in the midwest? Look out for DJC courses at the Split Rock Portland, California and Texas shows coming up in the fall. Or contact us to have jumps shipped your way– we ship everywhere!

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