Schooling Hunter-Jumper Package

Product image 1Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Spiral Poles and Jumper Plank
Product image 2Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Hunter Gate, Stone Hunter Wall and Flower Boxes
Product image 3Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Custom Logo Jump Filler and Logo Jumper Plank
Product image 4Aluminum Schooling Stick Standards with Custom Logo Cutout Jump Fillers
Product image 5Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Green Leaf Fillers
Product image 6Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Jumper Gate
Product image 7Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Picket Fence Jump Filler
Product image 8Aluminum Schooling Stick Standards
Product image 9Bubble Jump Filler
Product image 10Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Hunter Gate, Turf Hunter Wall and Flower Boxes
Product image 11Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards with Hunter Gate, Brick Hunter Wall and Flower Boxes
Product image 12Aluminum Cavaletti
Product image 13Flower Boxes
Product image 14Standard Liverpool from Dalman Jump Co.

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  • Get your entire farm horse show ready with Dalman Jump Co.'s Schooling Hunter-Jumper Package!
  • Contents:
    • 8 Pairs of 1.60m Aluminum Schooling Stick Standards
    • 8 Pairs of 1.60m Aluminum Picketed Wing Standards
    • 4 Sets of Flower Boxes
    • 4 Hunter Gates
    • 4 Hunter Walls
      • Stone, Turf or Brick
    • 6 Jump Fillers
    • 1 Standard Liverpool 
    • 2 Jumper Planks
    • 1 Jumper Gate
    • 6 Wooden Jump Poles - Hunter Style
    • 30 Wooden Jump Poles - Jumper
    • 50 Plastic Jump Cups
    • 2 Aluminum Cavalettis

Price: $25,000.00 

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